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Audiovisual Media and Equipment

The Media Collection includes over 7,000 DVDs/videocassettes, 6,000 CDs and audiocassettes(including Books on Tape). These items may be utilized or borrowed in the following manner:

  • DVDs & DVDs/videocassettes may be viewed on DVD/VCR players which are located in the study rooms on the second and third floor of the Library. Only FLCC faculty may borrow DVD/videocassettes for use outside of the library.
  • CDs, Audiocassettes, and phonograph records may be borrowed for use outside of the Library or may be listened to on the third floor of the Library.


Who May Use the Library:

  • The FLCC Library is open to all FLCC and SUNY students, faculty, and staff as well as to all residents of Ontario, Livingston, Monroe, Seneca, Wayne, and Yates Counties.

Library Cards:

  • Students must use their FLCC ID/SUNY ID Card to borrow items from the library. FLCC ID Cards are available at the FLCC Bookstore.
  • All other patrons may obtain a library card by presenting appropriate photo identification and completing an address card at the Circulation Desk.
  • When borrowing library materials, you must present your library card at the time of checkout.

Loan Periods:

  • Books and Audiocassettes: 30 days
  • Periodicals: May be used within Library only
  • Records: 7 days
  • CDs: 7 days
  • Leisure DVDs: 7 days
  • Teaching Collection Videocassettes & DVDs: May be borrowed for viewing in the study rooms on the second and the third floor (may not be checked out of Library).



  • To request a library item which is already on loan, a hold may be placed on the item. A hold item must be picked up at the Circulation Desk within 2 days of notification by the Library that the item is available.

Fines for Overdue Items:

  • Books: $.05 per day*
  • CDs, Records, & Audiocassettes: $1.00 per day*
  • Reserve Materials: $1.00 per day*
  • Failure to return materials and/or unpaid fines will result in loss of borrowing privileges and/or holding of grades, diplomas, and transcripts. Please avoid these penalties by returning materials on time.

*No charge for days the Library is closed.
There is a maximum fine of $5.00 for any overdue item.


Course Reserve Material (aka Textbooks)

A large number of course-related library textbooks and materials are placed on reserve by faculty for student use. These items are listed in the online catalog and are kept "on reserve" at the Circulation/Reserve Desk on the 2nd floor. The instructor specifies the loan period on these items. Materials generally fit into one of four categories: non-circulating, overnight loan, three-day loan or one-week loan. Reserve materials are loaned to students in the following manner:

  • Students must present their FLCC ID card to sign out reserve materials.
  • Students may borrow one circulating (overnight, three-day, or one-week) reserve item at a time.
  • Students may borrow a maximum of two non-circulating reserve items at a time.
  • One renewal is allowed for each reserve item.
  • There is a fine of $1.00 per day for overdue reserve materials, with a maximum fine of $5.00.

Department Liaison Program

Please contact your area liaison for book requests and library instruction. For all video/DVD requests, contact Alicia Marrese.

  • Anthropology: Alicia Marrese (x1378)
  • Art: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Business: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Careers: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Chemical Dependency & Addiction Counseling: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Commmunications: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Computer Science: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Conservation: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Criminal Justice: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Culinary Arts: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Education: Alicia Marrese (x1378)
  • Gemini: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • History: Alicia Marrese (x1378)
  • Honors: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Horticulture: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Hotel & Resort Management: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Humanities: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Integrated Health: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Language: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Law: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Literature: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Massage: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Math: Alicia Marrese (x1378)
  • Music & Music Recording: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Nursing: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Physical Education: Sue Slivan (x1815)
  • Political Science: Alicia Marrese (x1378)
  • Psychology: Alicia Marrese (x1378)
  • Science: Alicia Marrese (x1378)
  • Sociology: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Technology: Alicia Marrese (x1378)
  • Travel/Tourism: Burdock Broughton (x1425)
  • Visual & Performing Arts: Susan Slivan (x1815)
  • Viticulture: Susan Slivan (x1815)
  • Video and spoken-word media in all areas: Alicia Marrese (x1378)

Interlibrary Loan

Current FLCC students and staff may request materials not available in the FLCC Library collection through interlibrary loan at no charge. You must have an FLCC ID card and FLCC email address to place an interlibrary loan. A maximum of 5 items may be borrowed through interlibrary loan at any time. The ILL process is as follows:

  • All ILLiad users must create an ILLiad account.  ILLiad is the Interlibrary Loan system that we use to order books for FLCC students, faculty and staff.
  • Once you have an ILLiad account, your first step is to login to ILLiad.
  • After you have located a book citation in OCLC WorldCat, click on the title of the book that you wish to borrow. Click on the See more details for locating this item link, then the Request item from ILLiad link, and follow the instructions as they appear.
  • After you have located an article citation from one of the Library Databases, you will ultimately click on the Request item using Interlibrary Loan link and follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.
  • If you have a citation from a source other than WorldCat or a library research database, you can log in to your ILLiad account and manually enter the information.
  • Allow 8-14 days for requested materials to arrive. Items may arrive sooner, depending on availability.
  • You will be notified by e-mail when your item has arrived. The item(s) may be picked up at the Circulation/Reserve Desk. Please bring your FLCC ID card to sign items out.

Internet/Electronic Database Access

The library offers the following Internet and Electronic Database services:

  • Open access to the Internet for all patrons. In order to best serve our patrons, our Access to Electronic Information Policy is posted at each computer in the reference area.
  • A variety of full-text and citation-only databases covering a wide range of subject areas

Media/Copy Center
Online Catalog

The library's online catalog offers the following features:


Periodicals are located on the 3rd floor of the library. On the 3rd floor of the Library, you will find new copies as well as older issues of those periodicals and newspapers kept on microfilm, as well as equipment for viewing and listening to media programs. The cost for copies is 5 cents a copy.

  • The most recent issues are shelved to the right of the main stairwell, near the large windows. It may be necessary to lift the shelf to find additional issues.
  • Older issues may be found in the bound periodical stacks, or on microfilm.
  • Newspapers and oversize periodicals are kept in brown hanging folders in the area between the recent issues and the bound volumes.
  • The library's periodical indexes on computer (see Internet/Electronic Databases) and in print will help locate articles on a particular topic. All indexes are located on the 2nd floor.

Also located on the 3rd floor of the library, you will find:

  • A Visualtek machine, which magnifies the size of printed copy
  • Microfilm and microfiche reader/printers
  • Photocopiers (now located on the 2nd floor)
  • Videocassette & DVD players
  • Audiocassette players
  • Variable speed audio cassette player

Reference Services

The following services are available at the Reference Desk:

  • Individual assistance with questions in person or by phone (585-785-1432), available all hours that the Library is open
  • Individual assistance with the online catalog and other electronic resources
  • Instruction in research, the use of information resources, computer demonstrations, and library tours available to FLCC classes. In order to schedule a tour or class, please call the Reference desk at Ext. 1432
  • Assistance with computer searches for complex research topics
  • Assistance with interlibrary loans