Photo Collection

Photos in the archives are organized using the Archives Classification Scheme.

0/1 - Board of Trustees 

Date Subject Size
1960s Original Board of Trustees: Jack Tobin, Ray Probst, Dennis McNamara, John Hopkins, Connie Carpenter, Mike Michaels, Ken Whitcomb, John Britting, Art Munson 5x7
3/11/68 Board of Trustees meeting, Ruth Legg (secretary to Board), John Britting, Ray Probst, Dennis McNamara, Mike Michaels, Art Munson 5x7(3)
late 1960s? Dr. Collins Carpenter, Chairman of Board of Trustees, Mike Michaels at meeting 8x8, 3x3(2)
March 1977 Linda Beaulieu, Marge Van Iseghem, Howard Jaquith, Sandy Simmons (student rep), Walter Neenan, Elwood Garner, Michael Michaels, John Britting, Donald Burgen, Al Learned 5x7
August 1984 Bill Bigham, John Britting, Willie Russ (student rep), Nancy Langer, Walter E. Neenan, Gail Love, Lyle Brown, Ernest Hilton, Howard R. Jaquith, Louis Kieswetter 8x10  
8x10 color  
1988 Andrew Harkness, Pauline Valesko, Gail Love, Deborah Magavero (student rep), Nancy Langer, John Britting, Lyle Brown, Bill Bigham, Pat Burns 8x10(3)
Sept. 1988 Dedication of college seal: Charles J. Meder, Thomas O’Brien, John Britting   5x7(5)
1989 Pat Burns, John Britting, Lyle Brown, Bill Bigham, Nancy Langer, Matt Naiva (student rep), Philip Oestreich, Gail Love 4x5
March 1989 Pat Burns, Philip Oestreich, John Britting, Michael J. Miller (student rep), Pat Bolan, Bill Bigham, Nancy Langer, Andy Harkness, Lyle Brown, Gail Love 5x7
March 1989 Bill Bigham, John Britting, Lyle Brown, Pat Bolan, Andy Harkness, Nancy Langer, Michael J. Miller (student rep), Gail Love, Philip Oestreich 5x7(10)
June 1989 John Britting, Frank Talomie (assemblyman) 5x7
1989 Pat Burns, John Britting, Lyle Brown, Bill Bigham, Nancy Langer, Matt Naiva (student rep), Philip Oestreich, Gail Love 3x5 color  
January 1990 Andrew Harkness, Gail Love, Pat Burns 5x7(2)
January 1991 Philip Oestreich, Gail Love, Pat Burns 5x7
1991 Lyle Brown, Philip Oestreich, Pat Burns, John Britting, Barry Rude (student rep), Gail Love, Nancy Langer, Bill Bigham 5x7(2)
January 1992 John Britting, Pat Burns, Thomas Tantalo (student rep), Philip Oestreich, Lyle Brown, Gail Love, Bill Bigham, Ed Bugliosi, Nancy Langer 5x7, 3x5 color
0/3 - Board of Supervisors
1970s-1980s? Supervisors Christmas Party?: Carlene Lankton, Ray Vecchi, Jack Bricker, Fran McElwee 5x7
Dr. Roy I. Satre, Jr., first president of Finger Lakes Community College
1968 Dr. Satre and family (wife Patricia, daughter Helen, son Roderick, twins Bruce and Brian) 5x7
? Dr. Satre 3x5(2),5x7
? Dr. Charles Meder, Dr. Collins "Connie" Carpenter (chairman of Board of Trustees), Dr. Satre 5x7
September 1968 Billboard "Congratulations and Best Wishes to Dr. Roy I. Satre, Jr. President Community College of Finger Lakes" 3x5
September 19, 1968 (Inauguration) Lt. General Lewis B. Hershey, director of selective services, and Mrs. Lewis B. Hershey, Lt. Hershey spoke at inauguration 8x10
Inauguration Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation Male Chorus (sang at inauguration) 8x10
Inauguration Dr. Collins Carpenter (Chairman of Board of Trustees), Dr. S.V. Martorana (University Dean for Two-Year Colleges), Lt. General Lewis B. Hershey (director of selective service), Samuel B. Gould (Chancellor of State University), Dr. Satre 8x10(4)
Inauguration the procession 8x10
Inauguration the stage while the Rochester Gas and Electric Male Chorus performs 8x10
Inauguration Samuel B. Gould (Chancellor of State University), Dr. Satre, Dr. Charles Meder 8x10
Inauguration Michael J. "Red" Simeone (Mayor of Geneva) 8x10
Inauguration Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey and Dr. Satre 8x10
Inauguration Helen Satre (Dr. Satre's daughter), Mrs. Lewis B. Hershey, Patricia Satre (Dr. Satre's wife) 8x10
Inauguration the press 8x10
Inauguration the audience 8x10(2)
Inauguration T. Hamilton Kennedy (Mayor of Canandaigua), Mrs. Patricia Satre (Dr. Satre's wife), Dr. Satre, Michael J. "Red" Simeone (Mayor of Geneva), Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey (director of selective service, speaker at inauguration) 8x10, 5x7(3)
Inauguration police presence (there was a protest against Lt. Gen. Hershey's appearance) 5x7
Inauguration Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Collins "Connie" Carpenter, Dr. Satre, Congressman Samuel S. Stratton, County Board Chairman Philip J. Rowley 8x10
Inauguration Congressman Samuel S. Stratton, County Board Chairman Philip J. Rowley, Board of Trustees Chairman Dr. Collins "Connie" Carpenter, Dr. Satre, Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, Mrs. Patrica Satre (wife of Dr. Satre) 8x10(2)
Inauguration Ruth Legg and Congressman Samuel S. Stratton 8x10
Inauguration photo proofs 8x10, 15 sheets
Inauguration Candid shots 5x7(22)  
Inauguration Brig Gen. Joseph W. Barron, spoke at inauguration 8x10
Inauguration Samuel B. Gould (Chancellor of State University), Dr. Satre 8x10
Dr. Charles J. Meder, 2nd president of FLCC and former dean of college
1970s? Dr. Meder portrait 2x4(4), 8x10
1975? Dr. Meder sitting on floor of empty office (in new Lincoln Hill campus?) 5x7
11/78 Dr. Meder portrait 3x5(2)
1980s? Dr. Meder posing on campus 3x5(2)
1980s? Dr. Meder portrait 3x5(2)
1980s? Dr. Meder 3x5
1980s? Dr. Meder giving speech 5x7
1980s? Dr. Meder at podium 5x7
1980s? Dr. Meder at gathering 8x10(2)
1980s? Dr. Meder portrait 5x5(2), 5x7(2), 3x5(3)
1989 Dr. Meder at desk 5x7
? late 1980s, early 1990s? Dr. Meder giving speech 8x10
1990s? Dr. Meder and model of pavillion 3x5(2)
1990 Dr. Meder portrait 5x7(2)
1992 Dr. Meder and Gail Love (Board of Trustees) at commencement 5x7
1992 Dr. Meder and Dr. Collins "Connie" Carpenter (former Board of Trustees member) at Foundation Dinner 3x5
1990s? Dr. Meder portrait 3x5
1990s? Dr. Meder portrait 5x7
1990s? Charles Hatterich and Dr. Meder at Pres. award dinner 5x7
1980s? Dr. Meder accepting award at Kiwanis Club 5x7
1990s? Dr. Meder and Connie Carpenter at Dr. Meder's retirement party 5x7
? Dr. Meder and Tom Ryan, mayor of Rochester 5x7

Dr. Charles J. Meder, Inauguration
10/1/73 Candids including Putt Moore, Dr. Meder, Dr. Satre, Mrs. Marion Javits, David Gaesser, Assemblyman James Emery, Jacob Javits, Grove Nagel, Elwyn Herendeen (chair board of supervisers), Don Wickham (SUNY trustee), John Haluch, Chuck Miller, trombone choir  (Richard Southard, Alan Bomwell, Lawrence Poole, Mark Bradley, John Baldwin, Pierce Edmunds, Nancy Donahue, Warren Brook, Timothy Wesley, Robert McChesney, Craig Devereaux, Brian McCorkle), Rochester Gas and Electric Chorus, Anne Johnson, Guy Ward, Mrs. Meder, Ray Probst 3x5(58) color

Dr. Daniel Hayes, 3rd president of FLCC
September 12, 1992 Inauguration: Dr. Meder 3x5
12/93 Mike Nozzolio, Dr. Hayes, Bill Baxxon 5x7
Summer 1994 Consortium for Supplier Training Partnership: Ellen O'Neill, Dr. Hayes, Richard Roth 4x6
? Dr. Hayes at podium 5x7(2)

Faculty and Staff, A-C
? Adams, Jeff - Educational Technology 2x2(3)
? Alverman, Jerry - Finance Officer 2x2(3)
mid 1970s Arnold, Carol - Counseling 5x7
? Baird, Jim - Business 2x2(3)
late 1960s, 1980s Banaszewski, William "Bill" - Conservation 2x3, 5x7, 4x5
Feb. 1969, 1980s Barrett, Joyce - Nursing 2x3, 2x2(2)
3/7/90 Bizzaro, Pat 5x7
Aug. 1970 Bloom, Emily - Nursing 2x3(2)
Aug. 1968 Bostrom, Ed 2x3
1980s? Boughton, Karen - farewell party, includes Ed Rivenburgh, Jack Coons, Kathy Bollen, Jude Thines, Bruce Bridgman, Barb Chappell, Nancy Van Zetta, Don Friday 5x7(3)
early 1970s, 1980s Bricker, Jack - Social Science 2x3, 8x10
1980s Brockman, Brenda - Business 2x2(3)
1980s Cable, John - Dean of Faculty 5x7(2), 2x2 (2)
? Capozzi, Mary 8x10
2002 Capozzi, Mary 4x6
Sept. 1970 Carter, David 2x3
July 1970 Champaigne, John 2x3
1970s Champaigne, Peg 2x3
1969 Clark, Rebecca - Nursing 3x5(4)
Sept. 1969 Clarkson, John 2x3
1970s-1990s Cole, Judy - Student Activities, photos include Karla Taylor, John Socha at Judy Cole's retirement dinner 5x7(5) 5x7
1970s Corbit, Al - Career Counseling 5x7
Aug. 1970 Cowie, Charlotte 2x3
1977 Croft, Elizabeth 4x5
Faculty and Staff, D-F
3/13/92 Davis, Rene (coach) 5x7
Feb. 1968-1990s
DeCamp, William "Bill" - Counseling   2x3(2), 5x7(8)
June 1968 DeCamp, Marcia Phillips - Business Administration 2x3(2)
June 1989 Dodge, Martin - Conservation 5x7
Sept. 1970 Dolch, George - Dean of Students 2x3
March 1968-1980s Downing, Rochelle - Chemistry 2x3(3)  
August 1969 Drake, Lee - Biology 2x3(2)
June 1968 Dunham, Darrow "Ike" - Math 2x3(2)
Sept. 1970 Eckert, Donald - Math 2x3
? Ernhout, Steve - Buildings and Grounds 2x2(3)
Dec. 1967-1990s Fedder, Alice - Librarian, photo of retirement 2x3, 3x3, 5x7(2)
1980s Fernandez, Victor - Counseling Center 2x2(3)
Oct. 1968 Foster, Richard 2x3(2)
1980s Friday, Don - The Institute 2x2(3)
1980s-1990s Friedman, Peter - Dean (and Social Science) 5x7, 2x2(2), 3x5
1980s Fyfe, Ken - Development 2x2(3)
Faculty and Staff, G-I
mid 1970s Gailor, Ed - Ass't Director of Admissions 5x7(2)
1970s-1990s Glover, Joanne - Secretary to Dr. Meder 5x7(3), 3x5, 3x3
1970s Goodno, Gary - English, Film 2x3(2)
1970s Guy, Dorothy - Secretary to John Meuser 5x7(2)
March 1970 Haluch, John - Science 2x3(2)
June 1970, 1970s Harkness, Andrew 2x3(2), 3x5
June 1970 Henderson, Frederick - Data Processing 2x3(2)
1970s Howell, Cathy - Secretary in Admissions 5x7(3)
Sept. 1972-1980s Hunt, Sherman - Math 2x3(2), 2x2(2), 5x7
Sept. 1972-1980s Hurlbutt, Marilyn - Nursing 2x3(2), 2x2(2)
Sept. 1971 Insalaco, Tom - Art 2x3(2)

 Faculty and Staff, J-L
Aug. 1970-1980s Johnson, Anne - Science Tech 2x3(2), 2x2(3)
Sept. 1970-1980s Kennedy, Ed - Psychology 2x3(2), 2x2
Dec. 1989 Kramp, Bill - Computers support 5x7
Sept. 1967-1980s Lankton, Carlene - English   2x3(2), 3x3(2), 8x10
Sept. 1967-1980s   Legg, Ruth - Theatre, College Relations  
2x3(3), 3x3, 3x4, 5x7, 
late 1960s Locke, William G. 2x3
1980s Lomber, Elaine 3x5
Sept 1968 Loomen, Ardell 2x3
1980s Lyons, Steve - Security 2x2(3)

 Faculty and Staff, M-O
1980s Malinowski, Len - Math 2x2(3)
Sept. 1970, 1970s Maus, Henry - Social Science 2x3(3), 5x7
March 1968 McDonald, Patricia 2x3
1980s McKinley, Myrna - Switchboard 2x2
1970s McKone, Sheila - Financial Aid 5x7(3)
Aug. 1968-1980s Meuser, John 2x3(2), 5x7, 2x2, 2x3
June 1970 Miller, Chuck - Phys Ed 2x3(2)
1970s Miller, Ralph - Dean of Faculty 5x7
mid 1970s Miller, Sue - Director of Financial Aid 5x7
Aug. 1969 Miller, Vickie - Phys Ed 2x3(2)
July 1968-1980s Mills, Jane 2x3, 2x2(3)
June 1968-1980s Mooney, Frank - Science 2x3(2), 2x2(4)
Aug. 1972 Moore, Dennis "Putt" 2x3(2)
Aug. 1990 Morris, Bob - English 5x7
1980s Muehlig, Craig - Director of Financial Aid 2x2(3)
1980s Nacca, Joseph - English 2x2(2)
late 1960s Nagel, Grove - Admissions 2x3(2)
Dec. 1967 Norod, Elizabeth 2x3
1970s O'Hanlon, Jerome "Jerry" 2x3(2)

 Faculty and Staff, P-R
1980s-1989   Palumbo, Mary Lou - Developmental Studies 5x7(2), 3x5
1970s Pauling, Linda - Library, ILL 2x2
1970s Pennock, Robert 3x3
1980s Phillips, Joanne - Security 5x7
1970s Pietropaolo, Patricia - Science 3x4(2)
1980s Post, Sandra - Business 2x2(3)
1970s Prescott, Linda - Secretarial Science 3x5
April 1968 Proud, Gary 2x3
1970s Prull, David - Biology 2x3(2)
Dec. 1969-1980s Quick, Doris - English 2x3(2), 2x2(3)
Feb. 1968 Quiggle, Jack I. 2x3
1969 Ray, John 2x3
1990s Reese, Dick 5x7
June 1970 Reetz, Donald - Business 2x3(2)
1990s Richardson, Benjamin - Sociology 5x7
1980s Roenke, Henry 2x2(2)
Sept. 1969 Russell, Bill - Accounting 2x3

 Faculty and Staff, S-U
August 1970-1980s Schelansky, Marie DeWilde - Nursing 2x3, 2x2(3)
Aug. 1969-1980s Schoonmaker, Cathy - Nursing 2x3(2), 2x2(3)
Oct. 1968-1970s Schriver, Dorothy Flowers 2x3(2), 5x7(2)
1980s Smith, Frank - Conservation 3x3
Feb. 1968 Smith, Raymond - Math 2x3(2)
1970s? Socha, John 5x7
1990s Sparks, Gretchen - Developmental Studies 5x7
late 1960s-1990s Sproule, Willard 2x3(3), 2x2(3)
1/88 Stewart, Ronna - Child care director 3x5
1980s Taylor, Mike - Student Activities 2x2(3)
1986, 1980s Thorpe, Al - Dean of Community Education 8x10, 2x2(3)
1980s Thurn, Theresa - Library AV clerk 2x2
1980s Tobey, Sharon (Socha) -  Nursing 2x3, 2x2(2)
June 1970 Totten, Leon - Business 2x3

 Faculty and Staff, V-Z
1970s Valesko, Polly - Secretary to finance officer (sitting on floor of office with no furniture) 5x7
1980s Van Wyyckhuyse, Don 3x4
1980s Walker, Bruce - Maintenance 2x2(3)
1969 Wallace, Helen - Bookstore 5x7(2)
February 1990 Welch, Tom - mailroom 5x7
Sept. 1971-1980s White, Chris - Conservation 2x3, 2x2(3)
1970s White, Donna - Nurse 5x7(2)
1970s Williams, James - Biology 2x3(2)
1988-89 Williams, Harry - county award for safety: includes Frank Rouse, Dr. Meder, Bob DeLeo, Linda Holland, Clyde Beebe, John Hicks 5x7(5)
1970s-1990s Williams, Wayne - Art, includes photo of Wayne Williams painting mural 2x3(2), 3x3(3), 5x7(2)
1980s Wilsey, Mary - Business 2x2(4)
early 1970 Woolston, Loren S. 2x3

 Faculty and Staff, group photos
1960s-1970s John Haluch, Ike Dunham, Bill Banaszewski, Ray Smith, Jack Quiggle, Jim Williams, Shelly Downing, Vicki Miller, David Prull, Lee Drake 8x10
late 1960s Joanne Glover, Sandy Bacon 3x3 (2)
late 1960s Dr. Meder and Jack Lavery (first dean of students) 3x3
Fall 1969 Joyce Barrett, Theresa Crowther, Marcia Phillips DeCamp, Rebecca Clark, Mae Michaels, William Russell, Catherine Schoonmaker, Elizabeth Norod, Ruth Brown, Daniel Della Pietra 8x10
pre-1970 Faculty and staff: front l to r: Patricia MacDonald, Alice Fedder, Carlene Lankton, Marcia Phillips DeCamp, Mae Michaels, Elizabeth Norod, Sally Wing, Jane Mills, and Rebecca Clark Fitzgerald.  Second row l to r: Ike Dunham, Bill Sanderl, Willard Sproule, Jack Bricker, Ed Bostrum, John Lavery, Richard Foster, Wayne Williams, Charles J. Meder, Jim Williams, and John Meuser.  Third row l to r: (name unknown), Dorothy Flowers Schriver, Rochelle Downing, Ruth Legg.  Fourth row l to r: Richard Wilkins, Roy I. Satre, Bill DeCamp, Ray Smith, Jack Quiggle, Loren Woolston, C. Frank Mooney, Gary Proud, Bill Banaszewski, Grove Nagel, and John Haluch. 8x10
early 1970s David Prull, Al Corbit Elaine Lomber, Grove Nagel, Ed Kennedy, ?, Chuck Miller, Emily Bloom, Charles Meder, Jerry O'Hanlon, Vicki Miller 8x10
1970s Al Corbit and panel 5x7
1970s Valerie Pfaltzgraf, Lorice Harris, Mary Locke, Beverly Antinoro, Mary Miller 5x7
1970s Ralph Miller (Dean of College), Willard Sproule (Language Arts) 8x10(2)
1970s Henry Roenke (Conservation), Patricia Pietropaolo (Phy. & Nat. Sciences), Robin Braun (Asst. Librarian), Richard Mellow (Student Life Intern) 8x10
1970s Dorothy Flowers Schriver, Grove Nagel, Mary Miller 8x10
1970s (Main St. campus) Richard Wilkins and Mary O'Brian (his secretary) 8x10

Jim Baird, Linda Prescott, Beryl Johnson, Kevin Rowe, Marc Courchesne, Fred McNamara Elizabeth Croft, Patricia Pietropaolo, Richard Caulk, Al Thorpe, Margaret Kohl, Ruth Winter

1970s-1980s Lois Horgan (Nursing), Peter Friedman (Social Science), Joseph Nacca (Language Arts), Stephen Smith (Educational Media and Communications Specialist) 8x10 (2)
1970s-1980s Marge Simmons, Judy Cole, Carol Tichener, Gladys Paxton, Deborah Wheaton 5x7
1980s Marilyn Hurlbutt, Ruth Legg, Lee Drake 5x7
1980s Vicki Miller and Jerry O'Hanlon 5x7
1980s Joann Moore, Pat Lussow, Norm Godin, Zeke Lockmeyer, Peter Friedman, Dave Fry, John Cable, Jude Thines, John Garvey 8x10
1980s Jerome O'Hanlon, Henry Maus 8x10
1980s? Board of trustees member Ernest Hilton and Jack Bricker 5x7
1980s? Don Friday, Pam Rivers, June Lincoln 5x7
1981 Bill DeCamp and Al Corbit 5x7
1989 Bud Amann & Supervisor John Hicks 5x7
1980s-1990s Ed Morrell, Jack Bricker 8x10
1995 Tom Edmunds, Christine Moldenhauer, Don Friday, Barbara Schreiber, Muriel Coleman


1995 Mike Nozzolio, Dr. Hayes, Randy Kuhl, Don Friday 5x7(2)
9/97 John Haluch and Ed Morrell in library 5x7(2)
Students - Individual
1968 Ruth Bump and William Sanderl (professor) 5x7(2)
1/2/69 Diane Holmes 5x7
January 1971 "Reviewing the Score": David Honness, Lynn Munson, Joan Kautz, Madeline Laurence (sophomore at CCFL) 5x7
1976 Ralph F. Campbell '73 conservation grad, working at Cummings nature center 8x10
5/2/78 Michael Allen, DEC 3x5
May 1980 Jill Byington and totem pole 5x7
1989 Stella VanCour - student doing internship in China 5x7
? Tor Constantino 5x7

Candids - Exterior
1970s-1990s includes Ruth Legg, John Socha, students mixed

Candids - Interior
various candids mixed

1/5 - Governance Committees
8/94 Governance meeting: Carol Urbaitis, Fran Freeman, Corinne Canough, Putt Moore 5x7

2/2 - Faculty Association
1969 Rochelle Downing (president of faculty association) and Dr. Roy Satre 5x7
1969 Rochelle Downing (president of faculty association) and Dr. Roy Satre 5x7
early 1970s Faculty wives: Priscilla Reetz, Holly Pennock, ?, Dr. Meder 5x7

4/10 - Employee Recognition
6/89 Pat Pietropaolo, Keith Batman, Louise Mulvaney, Jim DePalma, Mary Capozzi, Joelle Zimmerman, Michele Howland, Pat Malinowski 5x7

5/1 - Campus Safety
7/94 Steve Lyon 5x7(2)

5/4 - Development Office
Fall 1993 Cynthia J.W. Woolley, Ellen O'Neill, Linda Dunsmoor Iannicello 5x7(3)

5/4/1/2 - Alumni Association
1980 James Carra (alumni award recipient) 8x10
1989 Alumni Association Officers: Hank Roenke, Jackie Glaser, Bob Cook, Ray Geary, Karla Taylor, Nancy Langer
1989 Pam Herrington, Jackie Glaser, Bethany Graham-Wadeikis, Bob Cook, Hank Roenke, Jackie Glaser, Nancy Langer, Ray Geary 5x7(4)
1990 Rich Rivers 5x7
3/23/90 Alumni reception: Joe Nacca, Barb Chappell, Bea and Charles Meder, Ruth Legg 5x7(2)
Spring 1990 Ray Geary, Adrienne Hallinan, Barb Hackel, Nancy Wooden '90 5x7(3)
Summer 1990-1991 Alumni picnic: Ray Geary, Denny Hicks 5x7(7)
1/9/91 Charles Rouse 5x7(2)
10/91 Alumni cruise 5x7(2)
12/20/91 Carla Amorese 5x7(6)
4/30/93 Tor Constantino 5x7(2)
Summer 1993 Alumni Association Golf Tournament: Jim Sullivan, Sam DeSalvo, Jim Baird, Bruce Bridgman 4x6
Sept. 1993 Alumni picnic: Kenneth Campbell, Dr. Hayes 5x7(2)
3/16/94 Alumni phonathon: Monique Frappier, Michael Fogle, Phanny Nguon, Darryl Evans 5x7
4/20/94 Jean Meenan 5x7
4/26/94 Randi Kennard 5x7
11/11/94 Campbell family 5x7
12/1/94 Karen Heidrich 5x7
1994 Alumni staff: Patty Schwarzweller, Linda Quartaro 5x7
4/6/95 Grace Madera and Hank Roenke 5x7
10/95 Ann McGuane 5x7
3/96 Jake Makepeace, Tim Newland, Lisk - Alum 5x7(4)
1990s Phyllis Todd, Linda Quartaro 3x5(2)
1990s Phanny Nguon 5x7(2)
5/4/2 - The Foundation
Aug. 1992 Foundation Board Officers: Anne Henry, Donald Zamperetti, Martin Hayes, Charles E. Hetterich 5x7
1992 Dr. Meder and Connie Carpenter, Foundation President's award, Dr. Marvin Rapp, Dr. Stu Steiner, Charles Hetterich 5x7(3)
1993 Foundation Dinner Marvin Sands award winner:  Marvin Sands, Mickey Sands, Ellen O'Neill, Dr. Hayes, Dr. Meder 5x7(7)
3x5(38) color
1994 Foundation dinner Danny Wegman award winner: Danny Wegman, Stency Wegman, Dr. Hayes, Wayne Williams with sculpture, Wegman family 5x7(7)
1995 George Hamlin IV, foundation award winner 5x7
1996 Foundation Dinner - Dr. Connie Carpenter, Dr. Daniel Hayes, Ellen O'Neill, 2 musicians 5x7
5/4/5 - Grants
Jan. 1971 Banking: Gary McLouth (Chairman of Education for Finger Lakes Chapter of American Institute of Banking), Robert Pennock (Dean of Continuing Ed), Dr. Satre, Edward Clark (President A.I.B.) 5x7
5/28/92 IEC donation: Dr. Meder, Roger Main (President, IEC), Tim Kennedy (VP, IEC) 5x7(2)

6/2 -Buildings and Grounds              
1970s Jim Miller, Keith Murphy, Ed Beasley 5x7
Spring 1976 Dedication of Dewey Memorial Tree: The Dewey family including Helen E., Barbara, David, Mrs. Alfred H., Richard, Robert, Alfred H.; Hank Roenke, Keith Murphy 5x7(2)
1980s Don Van Wyyckhuyse, Frank Davis, Steve Varney, Ted Stiggins 3x5

6/2/4 - Main Street Campus
1968-69 Cook House (administration building) 3x3(13), 3x5(14), 5x7(2), 8x10(3)
1970s Art Gallery at 34 S. Main 3x5
1970s Office of Admissions and Dean of Students, Parrish St. 5x7(3), 3x3
1970s Candid shots of Main St. campus 2x2(6), 5x7
1970s Classrooms 5x7(2)
1970s Fine Arts Studio (34 S. Main) 5x7(3)
1970s Veterans Administration Building 7 (Vocational Education), classroom 5x7(4)
1970s Hook Building (faculty offices), offices 5x7(2)
9/3/69 "Buildings Before" 5x7(7)
1970s Old Thompson Hospital, north Main st. 3x5(6)
Jan 1975 Sommers Building? 5x7
early 1970s? Student center with students in front 8x5
6/2/11 - Lincoln Hill Architects and Models
1970s Model of campus, Ray Probst 6x8(2), 8x10
1970s Aerial view of Lincoln Hill campus site 3x5(3)
1970s Design for CCFL campus 5x7
Dec. 1970 Architect's Signing - Fred Thomas, Angelo Franco, Robert Tallman (architects), Dr. Satre, Reese Davis (assistant librarian), Alice Fedder 5x7(8)
1970s Bob Ross and John Halauch with Lincoln Hill Plans 7x7
6/2/11 - Lincoln Hill Before Building           
1968 Lincoln Hill 5x7(2), 3x3(5)
March 1971 Faculty on Lincoln Hill: including Jack Bricker, Bill Banaszewski, Bill DeCamp, Lee Drake, Dr. Meder, among others 5x7(2), 3x3(10)
6/2/11 - Lincoln Hill Construction    
Nov. 12, 1971 Groundbreaking: Connie Carpenter, Ray Probst, Jack Tobin, Clyde Beebe, Bob Mueller, Bill McGowan, Jackson DeBolt, Mike Michaels, Fred Thomas, Angelo Franco, Dr. Meder 8x10(2)
Early 1970s Site with construction 8x10(6), 5x7(2), 3x5, 3x16

6/2/11 - Lincoln Hill Moving in         
Mid 1970s Moving in 5x7(4)
Mid 1970s John Meuser and Ed Gailor 5x7
6/2/11 - Lincoln Hill Exterior Shots  
1970-1990s exterior various
Oct. 1977 page proofs 8x10(7)
6/2/11 - Campus construction 1991 and later
1991 exterior 5x7(6), 3x5(3) color

6/2/11 - Campus Flood 1981
1981 exterior, interior flooding and clean-up, Sharon Emblidge (social science), Ken Fyfe, photo proofs 5x7(14), 8x10
6/2/11 - Lincoln Hill Classroom Candids
late 1990s "A" wing classroom, Media equipment 5x7(2)

6/2/11 - Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Lincoln Hill
7/10/71 RPO performance on Lincoln Hill (before shell contruction) 3x8(2), 5x7
Summer 1978 Refreshment stand 5x7(2)
Summer 1979 RPO, Erik Kunzel, Tony DeChario, people on lawn 5x7(15)
? views of crowds on lawn 8x10(3)  
? proofs 8x10(4)
April 1983 Construction of shell 5x7
July 16, 1983 Award given to Tony H. DeChario from RPO 8x10(2)

7/0 - Dean of Students
Jan. 1974 Student Life Staff: Donna White (nurse), Bill DeCamp, Dorothy Schriver, Grove Nagel, Jane Frank (graduate intern), John Meuser, John Champaigne 5x7
3/96 Carol Urbatis and student 5x7(2)
7/1 - Registration and Registrar's Office
1968?   Dr. Satre, first student, Dr. Meder, Students registering   5x7(10), 4x4, 8x10
9/3/69 Billboard advertising Fall classes 5x7
1970s? Registration: Leon Berthiaume, students, John Champaigne, Ed Morrell 5x7(14)
Fall 1976 Registration 5x7
Fall 1977 Jeanne Crane assists student, Ike Dunham, John Haluch, and student 5x7(2)
1980s? Registration: Bill Banaszewski and student, Dan Marion, Edie Lawson 8x10, 5x7(5)
Summer 1989 Julia Geislert and student, Dan Marion and students 5x7(2)
1/94 John Cromartie and student, Mary Capozzi and students 5x7(2)
7/94 Nancy Purdy and student 5x7
8/96 Jack Bricker and students, John Pietropaolo in background 5x7
7/2 - Admissions
10/5/94 Ann Pontius and student 5x7
1970s John Meuser and Vic Fernandez and information fair 5x7

7/3 - Center for Advisement
1970s Bill DeCamp and students 8x10
1990s Brenda Smith, Victor Fernandez, Ingrid Young,  
Cathy Petruccione, Anne Foxenburgh, Laurel Ley, Barb Schreiber, Corinne Canough
12/12/91 Tim Hamlin and student, Barb Schreiber and student, Brenda Smith and student 5x7(4)
5/23/90 Barb Schreiber, Tor Constantino (student) 5x7
7/90 The center, exterior 5x7(4)
1994 The Center staff: Daniel Haynes, Carol Urbaitis, Barb Schreiber, Billie Bedford, Corinne Canough, Victor Fernandez, Brenda Smith, Laurel Ley, Karen Kraeger, Peggy Riley, Laila Leon-Paliotti 5x7
7/94 Ingrid Young and student, Corrine Canough and student, Billie Bedford and student, Rick Spaulding, Ingrid Young, Cathy Petruccione, Vickie Blazey 5x7(7) 
3/96 Brenda Smith and student, Vickie Blazey and student, Murial Coleman and student 5x7(4)
3/98 Vic Fernandez and student 5x7(2)
late 1990s Laurel Ley Begy, Brenda Smith, Barbara Schreiber, Vic Fernandez, Corinne Canough, Cathy Petruccione 5x7

7/3/5 - Transfer Opportunities
1970s? Transfer Fair in gym 5x7
mid-1990s Transfer Fair in gym 5x7(2)

7/4 - Financial Aid
1990s Carol Vetter and student, Nancy Van Zetta and student 5x7(3)
1994 Angela Monnat and students including Regina Sleeman 5x7(3)
1/96 Susan Romano and student 5x7
? student candid 5x7
mid-1990s Susan Romano and student 5x7
7/5 - Nurse's Office
1980s? Pat Bizarro (school nurse) and students, including Norm Hecker 8x10(2)
7/6 - Student Activities
8/94 Lynda Wood, John Socha, and students 5x7

7/6/1 - Law Enforcement Association
Spring 1968 Dr. Meder, law enforcement people, and students 3x5(3)

7/6/2 - Fraternities/Sororities
5/15/69   Sigma Kappa Chi: Anthony Capozzi, James Newberry 5x7(2)
1970s Business Dept. Nu chapter: Cynthia Westfall, Alice Page, Carol Hecker, Eileen Fiscus, Jean Louis Boudreau 3x3(4), 5x7
1970s Kappa Sigma Epsilon information table 5x7
1980s Tau Sigma Pi: Ron Demico, Mark Fiorido, Dave Pisarski, Dan Clark, Paul Sawicki 8x10
9/89 Kappa Sigma Epsilon: Thomas Mulheron, Patrick Weissand, Michael Butts, KSE picnic: including John Haluch, Dr. Meder 5x7(3)
9/93 Delta Chi Omega 5x7
7/6/2 - Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society)
October 1986 Jack Chambers, Lori Nevill, Christine Michaels, Pam Nagel, Barry Stilwell, Keith Royal, Michelle Capozzi, James Harvey, 5x7(5)
March 1987 Induction: Jack Chambers, Jane McComb, Pam Nagel, Dr. Althia DeGraft Johnson 5x7(2)
Spring 1988 Induction ceremony: Steven Giessler, Amanda Johnson 5x7(2)
Spring 1989 Induction ceremony: Nancy Hallstead Purdy, Amanda Johnson, Lynette Miller 5x7
4/24/90 Bill Bendschneider 5x7
1992? Theresa Burns Fisher 5x7(2)
1993 PTK award: Sandy Springer, Louise Mulvaney 5x7(2)
1993 PTK art award recipient: Barbara Bertram Senglaub 5x7
7/6/3 - Student Government Association
1969 Meeting of student government 5x7
1970s student president Guy Ward 3x5
1974-75   Dianna Martin, Nancy Mincer, Bethany Graham, Karen Baxter, Ed Czaplinski 5x7
May 1976 Joan Pierce, Rosemary Pusey, Linda Coddington, Lynne Molina, Anne Lambert, Tom Marotta, Randy Paddock, Frank Saeva 5x7
1981 Dr. Meder and student president Fred Barton III 3x5(2)
1986-87 Debi Bailey and President Charles J. Meder 5x7
1988 Deb Magavero and President Charles J. Meder 5x7(2)
1988-89 Michael J. Miller and President Charles J. Meder 5x7(2)
1989-90 Matt Naiva, President Meder 5x7, 6x6(2)
1991 Former student presidents at Judy Cole's retirement dinner: Barry Rude, Guy Ward, Beth Graham-Wadeikis, Sandi Simmons, Rich Simbari, Donna Smith, Juliann Sykes, Deb Magavero, Mike Miller, Matt Naiva 5x7(2)
1993 Jessica Horton, Sue Naiva, Ken Campbell 5x7(3)
May 1996 Dan Henries, Kate Kornbau, Mary Beth Schwartz 5x7(3)
7/6/4 - Music
2/9/90 Dr. Susan Matteson recital 5x7(6)
5/4/90 Finger Lakes Chorale 5x7(3)
5/18/90 Spring Arts fest candid 5x7(2)
6/22/90 Finger Lakes Wind Ensemble 5x7(2)
2/3/92 The Lincoln Hill Singers: Dr. John Walker, Dr. Susan Matteson, singers 5x7
? band playing at Sonnenberg, band candid, chorus candids 8x10(6)
4/6/95 Wind Ensemble: Mo Sherrill and band 5x7(7)
7/6/5 - The Informer
1989 "The infamous February 1982 Informer" 3x5

7/6/6 - Orientation
Spring 1968 Orientation picnic candids: including Jack Bricker, Jack Quiggle, Bill DeCamp, Alice Fedder, Charles Meder,  Jim Williams, Sandy Bacon, Dr. Satre at podium 5x7(20), 3x5(21)
1969 Picnic at Roseland 5x7(3)
late 60s VA Hospital: includes Dr. Meder, Dean John Lavery, Ruth Legg, Grove Nagel 3x3(7)
Fall 1977 Candid 5x7
early 1980s Karla Downing at freshman orientation doing flip 3x3
Sept. 1982 Orientation: includes: Tommie Schaffer, Deb Lewis, Gary Smith, Doug French, Valarie Vicci, Trish McGrath, Peg Pratt 6x7
Fall 1989 Jim Baird and Matt Naiva, candid corn shucking 5x7(2)
1992 candid 3x5 color
9/97 Orientation picnic 5x7, 3x5(25)
1970s Dr. Meder, John Socha, student 5x7

7/6/9/1 - Men's Baseball
3/29/93 Coach Bob Lowden 3x5
1993 team photo, candids 3x5(2)
3/96 Coach Bob Lowden 3x5
1990s candids 5x7(22), 8x10(2)
late 1980s and early 1990s team photos 5x7(2), 3x5

7/6/9/2 - Women's Softball
1991-1992 candids 5x7
? candids 3x5

7/6/9/3 - Men's Basketball
10/19/90 Putt Moore, Gil Jackson, Matt Colegrove, Cory Anderson, Dick Pullen, Matt Watson, Kevin Hernandez, Bill Keehle, Asst coaches Carl Pimm and Abe Hara, R.J. Brenner, DeWayne Bennett, Corey Boatwright, Dave Rizzo, Sean Miller, Todd Baxter, Dan Brown 5x7
10/15/92 Darren Sneddon, Jerry Weathersby, ?, Kory Wright, Mark Kiser, ?, Coach Gil Jackson, ?, John Pietropaolo, ?, Barry Ouimette, Adrian Whitmire, Kurt Friel 8x10
1990 Putt Moore and David Pullen 5x7(2)
? candids: including Putt Moore, Dave Pullen, Corey Boatwright, Dave Rizzo, Dick Pullen, Matt Colegrove, Cory Anderson, Chris Mack, Chris Dibble, Mark Zenoski, Fred White, Todd Hallett, Larry Ingalls, Jim Cobbit, Jeff Streeter, Mike Sheedy 5x7(48), 8x10(2), 3x5(4)

7/6/9/4 - Women's Basketball
1987-1988 candids: including Jeff Simmons, Pattie Willis, Lara Riter, Mickey Record 5x7(9)
1988-1989 candids: including Patti Willis, Karen Miller, Lori DeLyser, Jen Repard 5x7(7)
1989-1990 candids: including coach Mickey Record, Dee Dee Craig, Jennifer Zapfel, Dianna Gabriel, Stacy McIntyre 5x7(11)
1990-1991 candids: including Paula Keith 5x7(2)
1991-1992 candids 5x7(2)
1992-1993 candids 5x7(8)
1993-1994 team photo 5x7
no dates candids 5x7(5), 8x10(2)

 7/6/9/5 - Cross Country
1986 Kent State Invitational: Dave Stell, Matt Bain, Norm Hecker, John Bricker, Joe Macomber, Mike Braun, Dr. John Cable, Jack Coons 8x10
1988 Coach Bruce Bridgman, Chris Graff, Lynn Bucholtz, Bob Houle, Chris Lauster, Tom McGinnis, Wade MacLaren, Shane Watson, Greg Viola, Julie Murdock, Steve Sceling 5x7
1989 Coach Bridgman, Lynn Bucholtz, ?, Wade MacLaren?, Steve Sceling, Rob Hoppough, Shane Watson, Lew White, ?, Jim Bricker, Mark Sadari 5x7
1990 Marc Sidare, Bill Opett, Greg Young, John Cascini, Lew White, Coach Bruce Bridgman, Rob Hoppough, Stewart VanBuren, Chuck Taylor, Phil Fahrenholz, John Mayou, Jim Bricker 5x7
1991 Chris Ells, Paul Muller, Rose Cleary, Dawn Young, Angela Fuller, Doug Diver, Dave Englert, Coach Bridgman, Stewart VanBuran, Rich Cole, Rick Raner, Phil Fahrenholz, Mike Trickey, Coach John Coons 5x7
1991 Lew White 5x7
3/24/93 Mark Salva 5x7
? Coach Bridgman, Mark Salva, Mike Wallace, Chris Lawson, John Mayou, Rick Rainer, Shan Lynch, Xavier Holiday, Brian DiFranco, Coach Coons, Chris Hamelinck, Mike Trickey, Chris Ells, Irene Spangenberg, Rose Cleary, Ken Burroughs, Chris Diver, John Cascini 5x7
9/1/93 John Lonz 5x7
9/1/93 Mike Fogle, Coach Bridgman, Coach Coons, Chris Lawson, John Lonz, Becky Pierce, Brian Hoover, ? 3x5
1992 Dawn Young, Ingrid Wisner, Irene Spangenberg, Rose Cleary, Coach John Coons 5x7
? Dawn Young, Angela Fuller, Coach Coons, Rose Cleary 5x7
? Rose Cleary, Ingrid Wisner, Irene Spangenberg, Coach Coons 3x5(4)
1994 Ken Burroughs 5x7
January 1996 Naomi Grizenko, Terry McKenna, Shannon Fuller, Faithe Bassett, Jamie Coleman, Coach Coons 5x7
? John Cascini 5x7
1990s Coach Bruce Bridgman 3x5
? ?, Coach Coons, Jane Brownlee 5x7
? Candids: including Chris Lawson, Dennis Bisig, Rob Hoppough, Lynn Bucholtz, Jim Bricker, Lew White, Scott Willis, Brian Hoover, Rose Cleary, John Cascini, Chris Ells, Ken Burroughs, Doug Diver, Mike Trickey, Phil Fahrenholtz, Angela Fuller, Chris Taylor, Bill Opett, Dawn Young, Irene Spangenberg, Jamie Coleman 5x7(18), 3x5(3)

7/6/9/8 - Woodsmens Team/ Timber Sports
1970s Dave Hutchings doing surveyor's chain throw, Tim Keech, Mark Abraham, Bob Vermey, Bill Dean, Mike Schneider, Jay Peck, Keith Murphy, Marty Dodge, Dave Hutchings, Jan Cornelius, Cathy Carr, Hank Roenke, Ellen Weber, Joe Doucette, John Kuniskus, Mark Vallely, Nancy Robson, Sue Cook, Jeff Towner, Cathy Cogswell, Lori Franklin, Monica Schwalbach 3x5, 5x7(7)
1975? Kathy Deyo Bullis (1st woman on woodsmen's team) 5x7
? ESF teams 5x7(3)
early 1970s Sue Cook, Nancy Robson 5x7(3)
1986 Regina Reinschmidt 5x5
1988 Fingerlakes A Team: Tim Vanderlinde, Kurt Palmateer, Bret Banaglia, Chuck Congdon, Tim Middleton, Scott Clouse 3x5(2)
1989 Marty Dodge, Amy Mott, Chuck Congdon, Russ Winter, Kurt Palmateer, Heather Caldwell, Karen Eisenhart 5x7(7)
1990s Renee Noble, Colleen Hyland, Heather Caldwell, Krishell Clouse, Shannon Banfield, Andrea Robarge, Amy Mott, Anne Barrington, Erika ? 5x7(2), 3x5
1991 Anne Barrington, Amy Mott, Heather Caldwell, Paul Pfinniger 5x7(3)
1990s? Matt Karp, Greg Muscato, Jim Fyfe, Dennis Anderson, Scott Bingham (sp?), Steve Birch, Jamie Finch Varney, Colleen Herrington, Elana Hansen, Andy Schreiner, Ryan McFarland, Paul Pfinniger, Steve Birch, Peggy Gebhart, Ann Staples 5x7(7), 3x5
6/95 Marty Dodge 5x7

7/6/9/9 - Men's Lacrosse
1990s Coach Curt Smith and team, candids 5x7(4)

7/6/9/10 -Women's Lacrosse

7/6/9/11 - Cheerleading
1975-1976 Paula O'Brien, Linda Harter, Susan Zimmerman, Dawn McClelland, Mary Beth Thannert 5x7

7/6/9/12 - Men's Soccer
1980s team photo 1986, candids including Mike Rieger 3x5(3), 5x7(7), 8x10(2)
1990s candids including Mike Rieger, Eric Marsh 5x7(7), 3x5(31) color, 3x5(2)

7/6/9/13 - Women's Soccer
1980s? candids 5x7
1986 team photo including Steve Connelly 8x10
1989 candids 5x7(6)
1991 candids 5x7(4)
1993 candids and team photos 5x7, 3x5(25)
1994 candids 5x7(3)
1995 candids 5x7(2)
1990s? candids and team photo with Steve Connelly 5x7(4)

7/6/10 - Drama - Children's Theatre
1986 children watching play (great photo) 5x7
mid-80s candids: Shawn Coates as prince 5x7(4)
1/89 Sleeping Beauty 5x7(4)
1/12/90 The Wonders of Storybook Land 5x7(9)
1/14/91 Dish for a King: Francine DiTomaso, Jeff Manning, Tracy Makovitch, Jack Stover, Bill Pettine, Joe Gundy, Aaron Newman 5x7
1/13/92 Rumpelstilskin: Michael Lancaster, Sheri Coe, Doug Sloth 5x7(2)
1/95 Mystery of Gumdrop Dragon: Monique Temko, Jessica Ashley, Astrid Ryan, Chris Burns 5x7(3)
1/96 Invisible Dragon 5x7
7/6/10 - Drama - Plays
1970s? New students: Shelly Bronson, Mrs. Bronson, Todd Bronson, Ruth Legg, Colleen O'Mara, actress dressed as asian 5x7, 3x5
1977 Little Mary Sunshine: Nancy Hildebrandt, Basia Lubicz, Sherry Beach, Susan Sheldon, Marilyn Chester, Evelyn Bottorf 5x7
1981 Family Day: Paula Morrow, Rebecca Borst, Noralee Baker, Jack Wilson 5x7
1982 Anastasia: Colleen O'Mara, Nancy Lord, Michael Hartson, Celeste Hamilton, Leif Herr-Gessell 5x7(2)
1985 Jeff Adams and students 5x7
1986 Butterflies are Free: Shawn Coates, Marcy Sells, Rebecca Taft, Robert Hotchkiss 5x7(10)
1987 Death Trap: Shawn Coates, Andrew Bahstat (Bahjat?), Family Day (Harvey?): Jim Thompson, Susan Leach, Sef Kline 5x7(6)
1988 Ten Little Indians: Elizabeth Simone, Jim Thompson, Susan Leach, Judy Denniston 5x7(5)
1989 The Nerd: Aaron Newman, Erik Balcome, Jennifer Fischette, Bryan Sanders, Parent's Day: Judy Denniston, Patrick Powell, Doug Ewalt 5x7(4)
1990 The Hollow: Erik Balcome, Eric Lewandowski, Albert Precourt, Bryan Sanders, Andrew Gardner, Traci Makovitch, Jennifer Robie, Nancy Lee, Aaron Newman, Kelly Fogarty, Nuts: Eric Lewandowski, Jennifer Gorman, Bill Pettine, Jennifer Fischette 5x7(15)
1991 The Wake of Jamey Foster: Richard DeBadts, Michael Lancaster, Tessa Case, Sunny Van DeWater, Nancy Lee, Traci Sanders 5x7(2)
1992 Murder on the Nile: Rory Smith, Sheri Coe 5x7
1993 Subject to Change: Maureen Connelly, Larry Van Cassele, Elizabeth Seager, Lori Lloyd, Sheri Coe, Rory Smith, Greater Tuna: Frank Storace, Adam Kyzia 5x7(10)
3/2/94 Murder by the Book: Susan "Lily" Scott, Adam Kuzia, Frank Storace, Doug Copeland 5x7(4), 3x5
7/6/14 - Student Housing
1986-1995 candid 5x7(8)
7/6/17 - Student Awards        
April 1970   Jolene Capozzi (student), Mrs. Dru Malavese (Dir. of West Ontario Chapter of American Red Cross), Rev. Michael Garber (chapter chairman) 5x7
Nov. 1971 Nursing Scholarship: Mrs. Walter Colf (Chairman of scholarship com.), Thomas Pond (student), Margaret Brady (Nursing Dept. chair) 5x7(2)
October 1972 Nursing Scholarship: Marilyn Rolland (Ontario Co. Ext. Center), Linda Post (student) 5x7(2)
Nov. 1972 Bankers Scholarship: John Champaigne (Financial Aid Director), David Helfer (student), Mrs. Jane Eggleston (Pres. of Ontario Co. Bankers Ass.) 5x7
March 1978 Secretarial Science winners of Kodak Scholarships: Gloria Carmel, Cathy Poole, Monica Foy, Professor Marcia Phillips DeCamp, Tammy Milliman, Kathy Allen, Kodak Scholarships: Gloria Carmel, Cathy Poole, Monica Foy, Tammy Milliman, Kathy Allen, Martin Bracato, Kurt Vay, Harry Watt 5x7(2)
May 1982 Barbara C. Conley and ?, recipient of Philip Michlin Memorial Scholarship Award for accounting 4x4
1988 Sheriff's Association Award: Don McCarthy, Brian Hendricks, Gary Stewart 5x7
Sept. 1989 Jane Brownlee: Alton B. Corbit scholarship winner 5x7
Dec. 1989 Sheriff's Ass. Scholarship: Major Richard A. Schaff (Monroe Co. Sheriff's Office), Jack Bricker, Paul Phillips, Michael Rieger, Gary Stewart (Ontario Cty Sheriff), Don McCarthy 5x7(2)
Feb. 1989 Mark Zenowski (student), Putt Moore 5x7
April 1989 Joe Pratt (student) 5x7
April 1989 Kraig Kettlekamp and Bud Amann 5x7(2)
April 1989 Linda Hooper, winner of RIT Outstanding Transfer Scholarship 5x7(4)
April 1990 Horticulture award: Keith Knopick, Angela Merola, Paul Auburn 5x7
May 1990 Chamber of Commerce award winners: Debra Stephens, Matt Lanzoni, Joyce Stull 5x7
Aug. 1990 NJCAA All-American: Bob Lowden, Erik Morrell (student), Jack Coons 5x7
1990-1991 Sheriff's Award: Andrew Meloni (Monroe Co. Sheriff), Patrick Gallagher (student), Gary Stewart (Ontario Co. Sheriff) 5x7
7/16/91 Academic All-American: Bruce Bridgeman, Lew White (student), Peter Friedman, Putt Moore 5x7(2)
Dec. 1991 Sheriff's Award: Phil Povero (Ontario Co. Sheriff), Jeff Ellis (student) 5x7
April 1994 Putt Moore, President Dan Hayes, John Loncz (student), Bruce Bridgeman 5x7

7/6/18 - Spring Break and Other Trips
May 1974 Washington trip: Jack Bricker and students 8x10
1970s? ski trip 5x7
1986 ski trip 5x7(2)
? Bowery trip 5x7(4), 8x10
? Social Science trip to Washington: Henry Maus, Barb Chappell, students, Frank Horton, Jack Kemp 8x10(2)
? Washington trip 8x10

7/7 - College Relations
Summer 1969 Fair Exhibit 3x5(4)
1990s FLCC commencement photo used as backdrop for President Clinton's speech at the American Association of Community Colleges 5x7(2)

7/8 - Geneva Extension Center
Feb. 1975 Counseling Advisory Committee: Al Corbit, Rev. W.G. Lloyd, Shirley Thibault, Rosa Blue, John Chipembere, James Pinkerd, Wendall Obey 5x7
1989 Curt Smith and class, Geneva renovation, Keith Batman and students, Ray Geary, Sue Smith, John Cromartie, Jim Armstrong, Marge Troll, John Cromartie and student at registration 5x7(12) 
1991 Bob Burns and class 5x7
1992 Donna Nolan-Cheesman and registration, Vic Fernandez and student at registration, Dr. Ben Richardson and students 5x7(9)
1993 Karen O'Donnell, John Cromartie, Marge Troll, and students 5x7(2)
1994 Gil Jackson, Jim Armstrong, student, Janet Irwin, student, John Cromartie, Luvenia Cowart, Susanna Engman-Benedict, Suanne Butwell, Marge Troll 5x7(2)
various Candids, including Helen Crowley 5x7(23), 3x5(2)
various Keith Batman, John Cromartie, and student 5x7(7)
? Building exterior 5x7(3), 8x10
1995 Jim Armstrong, John Cromartie and student 5x7
2/96 Computer lab 5x7
  7/9 - Newark Extension Center
? Newark Development Center 5x7
4/27/90 Construction at Newark 5x7(10)
8/22/90 Ribbon cutting ceremony: James Armstrong, Ass't Administrator of Wayne Economic Corp.; Gary Lagenor, Newark Deputy Mayor; Gail Love, Chair of Board of Trustees, Billboard 5x7(3)
10/16/90 Rick Monheim and students 5x7(3)
1991 Helene Ribble and students including Pam Vanhoute and Felecia Barnett, Frank Mandery and students including Karen Vitalone and Joyce Jackson 5x7(4)
1992 Newark Building 5x7
3/1/94 Frank Mandery and students including Jackie Ubiles, Michael Knight, Elana LaPlaca, Bruce Bridgman and students including Mickey LaPlaca 5x7(6)
9/21/94 Newark staff: Laila Paliotti, Barb Delube(?), Sue Ann Butwell, Bob Morris, Stephanie Olsen, Jane Irwin, Sharon Nedrow, Vinnie Cowert, Ed Gullo, Shirley Schulze 5x7(2)
5/95 Rebecca Hartwell-DeNeef (student), Stephanie Olsen, Laila Paliotti 5x7(3)
1990s candids, including Clara Manuel 5x7(12), 3x5
7/10 - Victor Extension Center
9/89 blood drive, students 5x7(4)  
? Registration 5x7
1989 Mary Beth Taylor and classroom 5x7

7/11 - Other Extension Centers
? Willard Psychiatric Center 5x7
? Flint BOCES 5x7
? Seneca Army Depot 5x7
? maybe Willard 5x7

8/1/1 - Educational Technology
? Taping of Economics USA with Kathy Delcour and John Sinton, Cindy Kneut doing taping 3x5
8/4/1 - Art
? student candids, including Joanne Yankovich, Jane McComb 5x7(23), 1.5x4, 8x10(2), 3x5(2)
? Paul Steckel and students 5x7
? John Fox and students 5x7(6)
? Wayne Williams and students 3x5, 5x7(3), 8x10(3)
1995 Helen Santelli and students 5x7(4)
1980s sculpture of William Simon for U of R, created by Wayne Williams 3x5(2)

8/4/2 - Business                     
? Edie Lawson and class 5x7
? Industrial management 5x7
? Brenda Brockman and class 5x7
2/26/90 John Sinton and class 5x7(3)
?, 3/7/90 Dick Stryker and students 5x7(6)
2/26/90-1996 Bruce Bridgman and students 5x7(13)
? Jim Baird and students 5x7(3)
? Don Zamperetti and students 3x5(2), 8x10
12/8/77 Speaker at business club lunch 5x7
Fall 1982 Marketing class: L. Barnes, Professor James Baird, D. Orlando, T. Lucey, T. Scharr, C. Swallow, G. Richardson, L. Drennan, J. Caster 3x5
3/8/90 Student in Lawson's economics class 5x7
? Bookkeeping 5x7
? Ethics and business breakfast in Stage 13? 5x7(2)
1989 Ethics: Jim Baird and Andy Harkness 5x7
3/14/95 Steven Miskell and class 5x7(3)
? candids 5x7(4)
11/93 Sue Smith and class 5x7(3)
10/93 Ed Fitzpatrick and class 5x7(2)
2/95 Kathy DelCour and class 5x7(9)
6/94 Gloria Benbem and class 5x7
10/93 Rich Larkin and class outside 5x7(3)
9/95 Jeanne Fagan and class, Don Zamperetti in background 5x7(3)
2/95 student intern at Inn on the Lake 5x7(2)
5/96 Kathy DelCour and class 5x7(3)
9/96 Jeanne Fagan and Don Zamperetti and class 5x7(3)
1990s Mike Procton and class 5x7(2)
1990s Cynthia Rochford and class 5x7
8/4/2 - Business Olympics                
10/87 Candids and awards 5x7(6)

8/4/2/1 - Retailing      
1970s students working in retail 5x7(5)
11/78 students working 5x7
1970s Eastview Mall (extension center classes taught there) 5x7
5/79 Catherine Blake, '78 graduate retail business mgt, employed by Stuart's 5x7
1990s Students setting up display window in business department 5x7(4)

8/4/3 - Conservation - General
1970s? Marty Dodge and class 5x7
6/7/94 Fish census: Frank Smith and students 5x7
1990s Bruce Gilman and students, including Gail Plant 5x7(4)
3/13/91 Marty Dodge and students in woodshop 5x7(3)
3/13/91 Steve Connelly and students in woodshop 5x7(3)
1970s? Bill Banaszewski and students taking seminar field exam 5x7
1970s Ed Pfeffer and students 5x7
1980s Chris White and students including Jamie Varney 5x7(2)
1980s? Frank Smith and students 5x7
? Boardwalk on nature trail, Marty Dodge with students including Suzanne Walker on boardwalk 5x7(3)
? waterfalls 5x7(2)
1989 E.A.C. Tree planting 5x7(2)
1980s? Laurie Salzer and raccoon, Heinz Meng and peregrin falcon 8x10(2)
9/24/91 Conservation Field Days: Barb Olds with hawk 5x7
1990s Marty Dodge 5x7
1980s Dedication of E.V. Boyle (boat): John Cable, Peter Friedman, Al Thorpe, Ed Moberg, Marilyn Hurlbutt, Bruce Gilman, Hank Roenke, Dr. Meder 5x7
? Candids: students working in woodlot? 8x10
1990s Steve Connelly and students on boat 3x5

8/4/3 - Conservation - 4-H Field Days
? Ron Missle teaching fishing 5x7(2)
10/89 Joe Letta and kids, teacher holding frog with kids 5x7  

8/4/3 - Conservation - Cummings Nature Center
1975-76 Grounds   3x5(21), 5x7(4)
Summer 1976 Raymond Donohue '76 with oxen Dan and Duke 8x10
? Summer boardwalk building project? 5x7

8/4/3 - Conservation - Field Camp
6/89 Steve Connelly and students on boat with fish, Frank Smith, Mary Gleason, John Pimkowski, Sylvia Thomson, Tim O'Sullivan, Building a lean-to at Camp Cutler 5x7(7)
? Field camp?  Might be pond seining 5x7(3) color

8/4/3 - Conservation - Fish Shocking
? Fish shocking 5x7(3)
4/89 DEC Electro-shocking 5x7(2)
4/11/91 Electro-shocking 5x7(6)
6/7/94 Electro-shocking 5x7

8/4/3 - Conservation - Florida Trip
Jan Plan 1975 Loading car, Hank Roenke and students 5x7
Jan Plan 73-75 Flamingo Campground in Everglades National Park 5x7 color
Jan Plan 1989 Group photo 5x7(2)

8/4/3 - Conservation - Herbert B. Collins Fish Culture Center
12/88 Steve Connelly, Mrs. Collins, Dr. Charles J. Meder  

8/4/3 - Conservation - Nature Convention
Fall 1986 NYSOEA (New York State Outdoor Educators Association) conference, including Sabrina Woodhams, Carol King, nature trail 8x10(10)

8/4/3 - Conservation - Pond Seining
5/89 Frank Smith and fish, Steve Connelly and students 5x7(9)

8/4/3 - Conservation - Solid Waste Symposium
1985 Symposium, including photos of Frank Smith and Assemblyman Henchy 5x7(4)  

8/4/3 - Conservation - West Hill Nature Preserve
5/23/73 $1,000 gift from student gov't for West Hill Nature Preserve, Ralph Campbell, Clifford Reed, George Reed, Lawrence Keith, student David Gotham and Peter Ells, William Banaszewski 5x7

8/4/3 - Horticulture
various Dan Marion and students 5x7(33), 8x10, 2x2
1989 Plant clinic 5x7(2)
? candid flower arranging 3x5
1980s Jill Byington, Marci Muller, Hilary McCrystal 8x10
1970s Jerry Hallinan and students 5x7
1990s Ed Moberg and student 5x7

8/4/3 - Horticulture - Greenhouse
6/19/78 Groundbreaking: Elwood A. Garner, John T. Hicks, Robert Peters, Dr. Meder, Dan Marion, Ed Moberg, Lee Drake, Jim Williams 5x7(5)
11/78 construction 5x7(2)
Spring 1979 candids 5x7(3)
1978? Ed Moberg and students 5x7
1980s-1992 candids 5x7(9), 3x3(2)
? candids including Marci Muller, Jill , Dan Marion 8x10(2), 5x7(3)

8/4/3 - Horticulture - Sonnenberg
Fall 1975 Grounds at Sonnenberg 3x5(19), 5x7(6)
Fall 1975 Student worker 5x7

8/4/3 - Taxidermy
5/89 ? 5x7

8/4/4 - Developmental Studies         
6/9/92 Jim Armstrong and student 5x7

8/4/4/3 - Academic Support Center
? Howard Green and student 8x10
6/8/93 Kim Kimble (student) and Mike Nolan 5x7
9/95 Jennifer Stanton (peer tutor) and students 5x7(3)

8/4/5 - EMS/EMT
3/31/93 EMT training 5x7(8)

8/4/6 - Language Arts           
Jan. 1975 Gary Goodno and "Underground Film" class, Al Corbit, Elaine Lomber, and students in Job Orientation class 5x7(2)
5/16/90 Mary Lou Boynton and class 5x7(3)
3/20/91 Elaine Lomber and class 5x7
5/13/92 Mary Lou Boynton 5x7
? Wil Sproule and student, Bob Morris and student,  Carlene Lankton and student 5x7(2), 8x10
10/93 Sandy Camillo and class, Chris Parker and class 5x7(3), 3x5(2)
9/95 Elaine Lomber and class 5x7(7)
12/95 Bob Morris and student 5x7
5/96 Chris Parker and class 5x7(2)
1997 Suzanna Engman Benedict and class 5x7(2)
mid-1990s Sandy Camillo and class 5x7(4)

8/4/7 - Math
3/18/91 Sherman Hunt and students 5x7(4)
? prof and students in trigonometry class 5x7
3/96 Carol Freeman and class 5x7(3)
10/93 Kim Wager Chudnik and class 5x7
? Frank Mandery and students 5x7

8/4/7 - Computer Science and Data Processing       

11/78   Data processing class   5x7  
3/20/91 Pat Nettnin and students 5x7(7)
9/92 Sandy Brown and students 5x7(43), 3x5
? Don Eckert and students 5x7
? Candids 5x7(2), 8x10, 3x5
8/4/8 - Mechanical Technology
1970s Leon Berthiaume and students 5x7(2)
1980s? Leon Berthiaume and students 5x7(2)
2/23/90 Selim Araci and class 5x7(6)
3/1/90 Leon Berthiaume and students 5x7(2)

8/4/8 - Drafting and Design              
Cad lab candids 5x7(11)  
? candids 4x6(5), 8x10(2)
11/95 Marsha Walton and class, including Brian Lambert, Jason Kaber 5x7(4)
late 1990s Marsha Walton and students 5x7(3)
8/4/9 - Music             
? Candids including Bob Pickert, students 5x7(13), 8x10, 3x5
? Catherine Kamm and student 5x7(2), 8x10
3/20/91 Sue Matteson 5x7(2)
12/9/94 Sue Matteson and Mo Sherrill 5x7

8/4/10 - Science Professors and students
1970s David Prull, developmental psych students at Marcus Whitman with supervising principal Ralph Casperson 5x7(3), 8x10
1970s-1990s Pat Pietropaolo and students 5x7(7), 3x5
1970s Anne Johnson and student 5x7
1970s Frank Mooney and students 7x7, 5x7
1970s Lee Drake and students 5x7(17), 8x10
1980s-1990s Linda Hobart and class 5x7(9)
1980s Linda Hobart and Leslie Davis, student 5x7(4)
1990s Frank Razavi and student 5x7
1970s-1990s Rochelle Downing and students 5x5, 5x7
3/29/90 Technology Bound: Kathy Riesenberger and students 5x7(3)
1992 Sam Samanta and students 5x7
10/95 Selim Araci and students 5x7(2)
11/95 Deb Massey and students 5x7(2)
9/97 Ed Morrell and student in library 5x7
8/4/10 - Science Student Candids
late 1960s Kitchen chemistry 3x3(2)
various   Student candids including Ann Terruli 5x7(36), 8x10(13)

8/4/10 - Science Labs
?   Lab photos 5x7(3), 2x3

8/4/10 - Science Olympics
1981 Group photos of Honeoye Falls/Lima, Penn Yan, Newark, Red Jacket, Seneca Falls, Marcus Whitman, Naples, Pal Mac, Victor, Honeoye, De Sales, Bloomfield, Midlakes, Geneva, Canandaigua, Waterloo 5x7(16)
? Student candids 5x7(8), 8x10
1987-1990 Sherman Hunt, Bud Amann, and others 5x7(4)
1989-91 Student candids 5x7(5)
12/3/93 Pat Nettnin and students 5x7(2)
8/4/11 - Nursing                     
? Candids, including 2/90 nursing lab, Ann Robinson, Liz Barnes 5x7(15), 8x10, 3x5
3/96 Lori Henley and students visiting home nursing lab 5x7(7)

8/4/12 - Phys Ed        
1971 Vickie Miller and students 3x3
Jan Plan 1975 Vickie Miller and beginning skiing students, Killington, Vt 5x7
1970s? Putt Moore and scuba class, Chuck and Vickie Miller demonstrate CPR, Chuck Miller and canoe class, Chuck Miller and sailing class 5x7(4), 8x12
3/91 Sue Hassel and class 5x7(7)
Summer 1995 CPR non-credit class 5x7
? Cross-country skiing 5x7
6/95 Willie FitzPatrick 5x7
? Gilbert Jackson 3x5
10/95 Tennis 5x7(2)
11/95 Exercise room 5x7(3)
95-96 Kristen Bray and class 5x7(7)

8/4/14 - Social Science          
? Al Corbit and class 5x7
Jan. 1975 Bill O'Brien (ITE, Victor Insulators), Al Corbit, and class for "Developmental Psychology" 5x7(2)
1980s? student and disabled children - internship? 5x7
5/16/90 Dr. Kennedy's class 5x7(3)
5/16/90 Henry Maus and class 5x7(4)
? Fred MacNamara 5x7(2)
9/92 John Pietropaolo and class -Becky Burgess and class 5x7(3), 3x5(3)
6/15/94 Fred MacNamara and class 5x7
2/95 Ben Richarson and class 5x7(9)
8/95 John Pietropaolo and class 5x7
1/96 Ed Kennedy and class 5x7(6)
1/97 Fred MacNamara and students 5x7(2)
9/97 Jack Bricker and class 5x7(3)
8/4/15 - Visual and Performing Arts             
late 1970s? Dan LaVista and class 5x7
? AV candids 5x7(3)
10/92 Rick Cook and students 3x5
10/93 Recording studio 5x7
10/14/94 Theater workshop: Colleen O'Mara and student 5x7
3/20/95 Broadcast lab 5x7
2/96 Editing room 5x7(3)

8/4/16 - Engineering Science
3/1/90 John Urbanczyk and students 5x7(6)
1990 Frank Razavi and students 5x7(6)

8/4/17 - Secretarial Science  
1977 Dean John Cable at Secretarial Science Open House 5x7
1977? Fashion show at the Sheraton 5x7
4/19/78 Secretarial Science Luncheon at Trenholm East, includes photos of Marcia Phillips DeCamp, Edith Blakeslee, Brenda Brockman, Deborah Hawkins (alumnus) 5x7(5)
1970s Sue Knapp, Bonnie Harman, Edith Blakeslee  
-Edith Blakeslee and class
? student candids 5x7(10), 3x4(2)

8/4/18 - Criminal Justice                   
1970s Criminal Justice manger scenes, including Marty Reynolds, Kathie Gelser, Randy Rowley, Dale Steverson 5x7(3)
December 1975 Area law enforcement training: including Syracuse Chief of Police Thomas J. Sardino 5x7(2)
? Paul Phillips (?) and students 5x7(2)
3/26/1975 Geneva Police Sgt. Donald Batson, Dale Clark, Robert Healy 3x3
? Canandaigua police department 5x7(2)
4/3/81 Dennis Crouch at firing range (student)   5x7
3/18/91 Don McCarthy and students   5x7(2)
1992 Criminal Justice intern and officers 5x7(3)
2/96 Paul Phillips and class 5x7(4)
? Field work 5x7(4)
8/5 - Library - on Parrish St.
1968-69 promo shot of students in library 8x10
1968 interior shots 3x5, 5x7(4), 3x3(7)
1968 reshelving books 3x3(8)
1968 exterior 2x5, 3x3(3), 4x6, 5x7(3)
1968 Alice Fedder, librarian 2x4(4), 5x7(3)
1968 promo shots of books 3x5(2), 5x7

8/5 - Library - Construction
1969-70 interior 5x7(2)
1969-70 exterior 5x7(4), 2x2(3)

8/5 - Library - behind Sommers Building 1970-75
Jan. 1975 interior, Reese Davis (assistant librarian) 5x7(7)

8/5 - Library - Library Construction 1995-96
1995-96   6/96 construction, finished interior, Steve Varney and Bruce Jensen putting up shelving 3x5(10), 5x7(4)  

8/5 - Library - Learning Lab
Muriel Coleman and student 4x5, 5x7
1970s students at learning stations 5x7(2)

8/5 - Library - Lincoln Hill Campus Library
Jan. 1975 Al Corbit and Zeke Lockemeyer in new library building 5x7
1970s? new library exterior 3x5(2)

interior, students studying (photos for promotional materials) 5x7(13), 4x6(4), 8x10(3), 3x5
1987-88   student, Donna Dobler, Charlotte Cooper   5x7
1990s  Sandy Camillo (English) and student, student at listening station, students in library   
5x7(4), 8x10(3)
11/30/90   student candids   5x7(2)  
5/14/92   student candids   5x7(4)  
5/10/93   Dr. Hayes, Kim Kimble (student), other student   5x7(3)  
6/20/94 student candids 5x7(2)
1980-1990? Doug Wolfe, Bill Hopkins, Ed Rivenburgh, Dave Wilkes, Susan Clayton, Gary Hilton, Mary Beth Bell, Pat Vitalone, Maureen Lahue, Jim Goff, Danielle Pollok, Stephanie Brenenson, Charlotte Cooper, Linda Pauling, Theresa Thurn, Sue Swingle 5x7
11/96 student candids in periodicals area 5x7(2)
Fall 1998 Library staff: Frank Queener, Tammy Phillips, Michelle Eichelberger, Linda Pauling, Susan Clayton, Charlotte Cooper, Maureen Lahue, Pat Vitalone, Suanne Santee, Karen Clement, Sharon Malecki 5x7

8/6/3 - The Institute for Workforce Development

May 1989 Institute Opening: includes speaker Robert Mehalso, Lt. Gov. Stan Lundine, Steve Zalewski, Pat Pietropaolo, David Mathes, Ken Wilson, Mary Beth Bell, Russell Fowler, Dr. Meder, John Hicks, Keith Batman 5x7(8), 8x10(10)
1989-91 exterior of building, interior 5x7(4)
11/5/1990 Don Svoren and students 5x7(5)
6/4/1993 James Parker, Dr. Hayes, Richard A. Roth (TQM sponsors) 5x7(2)
1990s? portraits including Dan Hedberg, Judy Smith and classes, Dennett Pimkowski and class, Tom Hawks and class, candids 5x7(19), 8x10(5), 3x5(7)
1990s staff photos: Ray Geary, Connie Trainor, Angela Petrucco, Don Friday, Charlene Jordan, Judy Smith, Ellen O'Neill, Karla Taylor, Barb Hackel, Trenton Hightower 5x7(6)
8/6/4 - Community Education                       
various Candids, including Maria DePalma's drawing class, Jeff Adams' video class, Jim O'Neill's florist class, stenciling class, quilting, watercolor, piano, sign language 5x7(49)
ads Linda Hooper, Evie Bottort, Dave Weeks, Keith P. Cochrane, ?, Ken Kelly 5x7(6), 3x5(2), 8x10(3)
9/21/94 Ray Geary, Connie Trainor, Diane Hazen, Sally Crosiar 5x7
7/97 Elderhostel: includes Bruce Gilman, John VanNiel  

8/6/4/1 - Community Education - Kid's College                   
various Fishing with Frank Smith and kids 5x7(10)
1980s soccer 5x7(5)
7/22/92 photography 5x7(2)
1985 Doc and Katy Abraham and kids 5x7
7/26/90 Barb Chappell and movement class 5x7(2)
89-90 sewing class with kids, including Megan Kolomic, Eryne Quinn 5x7(7)
91-92 art class with kids 5x7(8)
1989 Kitchen chemistry: James Yahnite and kids 5x7(4)
1980s nature study: Charlie Rouse and kids 5x7(3)

8/10 - BOCES            
? Candids 5x7(12), 8x10(15)
12/89 Candids 5x7(2)
Spring 1990 Candids 5x7(15)
Fall 1991 Candids 5x7(8)
3/29/94 Dental hygiene instruction, Cosmetology 5x7(7)
11/16/94 Woodworking 5x7(7)
9/95 Tractor trailer instruction 5x7(4)
10/1 - Bookstore
Date Subject Size
1968 student shopping 5x7
1968 Helen Wallace, bookstore manager 5x7 (3)
1968 Door to bookstore 5x7
1969 Bookstore on Main Street 5x7
2/69 Helen Wallace, Virginia Lemon (student) 5x7, 5x10
1975-1989? Lorraine Maher (manager) and student 5x7
1990s student trying on class ring 2x5
1990s bookstore interior 2x5
1990s Lorraine Maher, Jean Koch, Joyce Graham 2x5
7/1/92 John Stoddard and student 5x7(2)
4/95 & 1/96 candids, Jean Koch and student, Jean Koch, ?, John Stoddard, Lorraine Maher 5x7(8)

10/2 - Cafeteria
1989 Bobbie ? 5x7(2)

10/3 - Child Care Center
12/87 Center opening: Ken Wilson, Chairman of Board of Supervisors; Ronna Stewart, director of Child Care Center; Dr. Charles Meder, FLCC president; Lyle Brown, Chairman of Board of Trustees; Pat Crowley, Supervisor; Clyde Beebe, Chair of facilities committee, Ronna Stewart and children on steps 5x7(5), 4x6(2)
? child care candids 5x7(11)
9/27/94 Day care construction 5x7

11/5 - Rochester Area Colleges (RAC)
1970s RAC seminar, RAC conference at Notre Dame Retreat House, Victor Ferkiss, prof. of gov't at Georgetown, RAC conference 5x7(4)

11/7 - Benefits and Charities - General
? Poster asking for donations for homeless 5x7
1989 Habitat for Humanity, including Mary Beth Taylor, Barb Schreiber, Julie Smith 5x7(3)
1989 Jail Days: including Barb Schreiber 5x7(3)

11/7/1 - United Way
5/89 Lobster basketball - Dr. Meder, Ray Geary, and students 5x7

11/7/5 - Oxfam
1/89 Oxfam - including Henry Maus, Don Friday, Keith Batman, Marty Dodge 5x7(3)

12/1/1 - Commencement (Graduation)
June 8, 1969 Trenholm East Inn: Dr. Satre, Dr. Meder 3x5(2), 5x7(3)
June 6, 1976 Candids including speaker Marion B. Javits, board of supervisors chairman William McGowan, student president James Carra 5x7(5), 3x3
June 5, 1977 Candids including Dr. Meder giving out diplomas, speaker Howard Samuels, John Britting 5x7(9), 3x5(2) color
June 4, 1978 Candids including John Socha, speaker Jack Bricker, Dr. Meder handing out diplomas, Board of Trustees chairman John C. Britting, student Kathleen Bay 5x7(6)
June 3, 1979 speaker Connie Carpenter 5x7(2)
May 31, 1981 speaker Clifford Wharton, Peggy Champaigne and students 4x6
May 26, 1985 Candids including Mia Principio (student), Dean John Cable presenting DEC Commissioner Henry G. Williams with tee-shirt 5x7(2) color, 5x7(3), proofsheets
June 1, 1986 Candids including Dr. Meder, Dean John Cable, speaker James L. Emery, student president Juliann D. Sykes, chaplain Glenn Evans, Ed Morrell, Sherm Hunt, Rick Evans 5x7(20) b&w and color
May 31, 1987 Candids 5x7(2)
May 22, 1988 Candids including student president Deborah Magavero, Dr. Meder, Board of Trustees, John Socha, Tim Tapscott, speaker Brewster H. Shaw Jr., Peggy Champaigne, Victor Fernandez, Brenda Smith 5x7(13)
May 28, 1989 Candids including chaplain Mary Beth Taylor, Steve Connelly, students Jim Thompson and Helen Crowley 5x7(7)
June 3, 1990 Candids including Susan Matteson, student president Matt Naiva, Gail Love, Josh Heller, Jack Bricker, Barb Chappell 5x7(12)
June 2, 1991 Candids including student president Barry Rude, Dr. Meder, speaker Louise Slaughter, Peter Friedman 5x7(2)
May 31, 1992 Candids including Gail Love, Dr. Meder, bagpipers 5x7(6)
May 30, 1993 Candids including Nancy Langer, the Honorable Nancy E. Smith 5x7(10)
May 22, 1994 Candids including Patrick S. Burns 5x7(2)
May 21, 1995 Candids including Louise Mulvaney, Dr. Hayes, Nancy Langer, speaker John Hicks 5x7(6)
May 19, 1996 Candids 5x7
May 23, 1999 Candids including Jan Holloway, John Oronato, Laurel Begy, Dan Marion, Elaine Bennett, Rich Larkin, Ed FitzPatrick, Amy Nichols, Sue Smith, Sharon Nedrow, Frank Queener, John Cromartie, June Oates, Tim Smith, JoAnn Wheeler, Sonya Moore, Pat Brown, Alison Hayes, Kim Dunay, John Fox, Mary Wilsey, Cassey Kent, Chuck Congdon 5x7(6), 4x6(37)
May 26, 2001 Candids including faculty procession, Rich Larkin, Gloria Benbem, Laila Leon-Paliotti, Steve Lyons, Dr. Richard Rivers, Reverend Don Brown, Dr. Daniel Hayes, John Pietropaolo, Harry G. Burt, Greg Peterson, Lyle C. Brown  
May 19, 2002 Candids including board of trustees, Dr. Hayes, Michael J. Miller, faculty procession, Mike Procton, Barb Schreiber, Sharon Malecki, John Walker, Classic Brass, Don Brown, Karen Blazey, Rich Larkin, Jim Ware 5x7(16)
1970-1989? Candids including Dr. Meder giving diplomas; Colleen O'Mara, Chris White, John Haluch, Keith Murphy, Ike Dunham 5x7(19)
1990s? Candids including Charlie Snoddy, Chris White, Dr. Meder, Bill Bigham, Josh Heller, Bill Kramp, Jack Bricker, Jim Armstrong, Howard Green, Barb Selvek, Lee Drake, Sharon Tobey, Emily Buell, Pete Kuryla, Claire Blanton, Gloria Bemben and students, Ruth Legg and Peter Friedman, Bruce Gilman, Pat Rice, Frank Smith, Sandy Brown, Pat Nettnin, Paul Phillips, Don McCarthy, Liz Barnes, Rick Evans and Paul Phillips; Ed Moberg, Barb Chappell, Fred MacNamara, Ed Kennedy, Henry Maus, Josh Heller, Don McCarthy, Mary Lou Boynton, Jack Bricker, John Pietropaolo; Dr. Meder; Gail Love, Peter Friedman, Dr. Meder; chorus; Rick Monheim, Dr. Meder, Peter Friedman; Jude Thines, John Meuser; Bruce Gilman, Rich Larkin, Ed Morrell; Jim Baird, Nancy Colesman, Marty Dodge; Tim Hamlin; Dr. Meder 5x7(34)
12/1/2 - Nursing Commencement/Capping Ceremony
May 1989 Karen Roach, Jackie Stranan-Dinoli, Annette Yost, Rose Ranney 5x7
? nursing students 5x7
6/3/90 Capping ceremony, Marilyn Hurlbutt and students 5x7(5)

12/1/3 - Convocation 
Feb. 1975 Dean Ralph Miller, Dr. Meder, Grove Nagel, Dave Carra, Al Corbit in bleachers, Linda Coddington, Kim Wojdula, Margaret Prescott, Lois Mulcahey, Susan McNeil, John Socha, Ed Kennedy, Edward Pfeffer, Jim Carra, Dave Carra - student convocation 5x7(3)
9/11/78 “Sissy” Farenthold, President of Wells College, Bill DeCamp, Dr. Meder, John O. Nasarenko, student gov’t president 5x7(5)
9/85 Geraldine Ferraro, photos include Barb Chappell, Dr. Meder, Dean John Cable, Jude Thines, Al Thorpe, Wil Sproule, Andrew Harkness, Henry Maus, Mary Ann Banaszewski 5x7(11)
9/15/87 Don Rivers, Esq., CCFL '73 5x7(3)
9/13/88 Peggy Say (Terry Anderson's sister) 5x7(9)
9/11/90 Dr. Richard John Del Vecchio, Prof of History at Nazareth 5x7(4)
12/1/5 - Lincoln Hill Dedication
11/9/1975 Board of Supervisors, Board of Trustees, student trustee Kevin Delasota, Dr. Meder, Dr. Satre, Seneca Army Depot Color Guard, Bill McGowan 3x5(8)

12/1/8 - FLCC 25th Anniversary
4/3/93 cake, Information table: includes Ann Robinson 5x7(3)

12/2 - Activities Day 
5/2/90 View of courtyard with crowd 5x7(4)

12/2 - Art Exhibits
6/89 Spring Arts Festival: Frank and Mona Talomie 5x7
4/89 Faculty Art Exhibit: Wayne Williams sculpture, Thomas Insalaco painting 5x7(2)
6/89 Apple Seed Art Show: Bruce ?, Nancy Ghertner, Tom Insalaco, Sharon Lubitow 5x7
5/18/90 Spring Arts Festival: girl and guitar 5x7
4/10/91 Wayne Williams and his sculpture at Faculty Art Exhibit 5x7
? Reception in hallway 5x7
12/2 - Blood Drives
Sept. 1989 Nurse and student in blood drive sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Chi 5x7

12/2 - Career Day
1977 Dean John Cable, Rick Johnson (speaker from Kodak), Bill DeCamp, David Prull, Al Corbit at General Assembly, Tar (?) Houle discusses a career as an accountant 5x7(6)
10/28/80 General assembly, Kay Edwards, Executive Director for Rochester Area Career Education Council, proof sheets 3x5(3), 8x10(2)
2/16/89 Conservation/Horticulture career fair 5x7(4)
1990 Health Career Day at Newark Sheraton: Lorie Henley and Karen Wright (student) 5x7
12/2 - Comedy
2/9/90 Comedy night 5x7
12/2 - Club Day
early 1970s? candid - club tables set up outside 8x10
12/2 - Concerts
? Chuck Mangione 5x7(2)
2/88 Paul Strowe 5x7(2)
3/14/94 Soehner 5x7
? Glenda Dove Pellito 5x7
3/2/89 Harvi Griffin 5x7(4)
2/89 All Four Fun 5x7(2)

12/2 - Earth Day/week
1990 tree planting 5x7
4/24/90 Chris White and guitar at Earthweek Coffeehouse, Kevin Moss and guitar 5x7(6) 

mid-1990s Earth day clean-up: includes John Terninko 5x7

12/2 - Exhibits
May 1972 Lunar rock display 8x10
1976 Sportsmen's exhibition on National Hunting and Fishing Day 5x7

12/2 - Family Field Day
4/18/90 Woodlot with kids and teacher 5x7(6)

12/2 - Global Awareness Series
2/89 Henry Maus giving introduction, Presenter, might be student who lived in China 5x7(2)  
4/30/90 Josh Heller, Mideast cooking 5x7

12/2 - Health Fair
? candid 5x7
1978-1979 candids 5x7(2)

12/2 - Honors Banquet (Widmer's) - 
see also Student Awards 7/6/17
1980s? Candids: includes Dave Greer, Mrs. Greer, Dean John Cable, Bill Banaszewski, Russ Kimble, Marilyn Hurlbutt, Dr. Meder, Peter Friedman, Dan Marion, Barb Chappell, June Lincoln, Sherm Hunt, Jack Bricker, Nancy Langer, Pat Pietropaolo, Wil Sproule, Al Thorpe 5x7(14), 8x10, 3x5(26)
Spring 1989 Laurie Broccolo - Alumni Achievement award, candids, Bill Banaszewski and Kenneth Ruedin 5x7(4)
5/25/1990 Candids: includes Peter Friedman, Bud Amann 5x7(2)
5/28/1991 Candids: includes Ray Geary 5x7(2)
1992 award winners 5x7
1993 award winners including Jeff Emerling, Mark Salva 5x7
5/26/93 Alumni award winners: Beth Graham-Wadeikis, Kay Nozzolio, Jeff Nugent, Laura Hurlburt, Jeff Emerling, Mark Salva, Phyllis Todd 5x7

12/2 - Lectures, Guest Speakers, Visitors
1/5/68 Samuel Stratton presents Connie Carpenter with flag while Dr. Satre looks on, candids including Dr. Satre, Connie Carpenter, Philip Rowley, Stratton 8x10, 3x3(6)
2/14/69 George Plimpton, Dr. Satre, George Plimpton promotional photo as "Paper Lion" 3x5, 5x7(9)
March 1976 Dr. Albert Parry discusses "Detente" 5x7
May 1976 Doug Ridley discusses "fundamentals of Supervision" 5x7
April 1977 Harrison E. Salisbury (Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter) and Jack Bricker   5x7(2)
10/17/77 Jack Bricker, Lt. Gov. Mary Anne Krupsak, Leo Hosenfeld (Democratic Mayoral candidate) 5x7
? Dr. Marvin Rapp gives lecture on colonial days, Jeff Adams running projector for Dr. Rapp 3x5(3)
11/89 SUNY Chancellor Johnstone's visit, including Dr. Meder, Matt Naiva (student president), Elaine Lomber, Rick Monheim, Jim O'Neill 5x7(10)
1970s Katie Caukins (Caulkins?) WCGR news 5x7
2/28/90 Gerald Chaka 5x7(2)
4/27/90 Dr. Schindler 5x7
4/18/89 James MacKenzie (Xerox) 5x7
5/10/90 Ann LaBastille 5x7(4)
3/7/90 Dith Pran 5x7(3)
3/22/90 Randall Robinson 5x7(2)
4/27/90 Louise Slaughter, including Dr. Meder and Bill Banaszewski 5x7(2)
3/18/91 Mohamed Hakki (former Egyptian government official) 5x7
1/28/93 Kermit Larson, author of "Principles of Accounting" 5x7
? Arlette Miller-Smith, featured artist at poetry reading for Black History Month 5x7
4/6/93 Mark Lane, including Ray Geary and Dr. Hayes 5x7(2)

12/2 - Lively Arts Council
October 1971 Membership coordinators: Mrs. John Emery, Mrs. Byron (Carolyn) Delevan, Mrs. Leigh Robartes Jr. 5x7

12/2 - May Day                     
5/94 Candid 5x7

12/2 - Open House    
1970 Candids including Jim Williams 5x7

12/2 - Parents Day    
10/1/88 Dr. Meder addressing parents in gym, candids, Alison Noonan Hayes, Don McCarthy (Criminal Justice) and parents 3x5(4), 5x7(6)  
10/89 Ray Geary, Bethany Graham-Wadeikis and parent, Charlie Snoddy, Gloria Bemben and parents, Jackie Glaser and parents, Kevin Moss - nature guide 5x7(5)
1988-92 Addressing parents in gym, Rich Larkin and parents 5x7(3)
1990 Paul Phillips and parents 5x7
10/12/91 David Prull and parents, Ingid Young and parents 5x7(2)
12/2 - President's Holiday Reception
1970s? Holiday party: includes Carol and Don Vetter 5x7
1980s Candids: includes Ruth Legg, Dr. Meder, Howard Green, Bill Banaszewski, John Meuser, Al Thorpe 3x5(33)
12/89 Alison Noonan Hayes, Jack Jones (D&C reporter), Dr. Meder, ice sculpture, Michael J. Miller (student president), Marty Dodge, Ray Vecchi, Frank Talomie 5x7(10)
12/11/91 Dr. Meder and guests 5x7

12/2 - Senior Citizens Day
? Senior Citizens Day 5x7(4), 8x10(2)
12/2 - Shows
1980s Simon Sez with Bob Schaffer (hypnotist) 5x7(4)
1988 Trade show in gym 5x7(3)  
1989 60's Excerpts 5x7(2)

13/1 - Faculty Workshops
Sept. 1968 Faculty workshop: Connie Carpenter, Dr. Meder, Dr. Satre, Jack Quiggle, Bill DeCamp, Carlene Lankton, Marcia Phillips DeCamp, Wil Sproule, Grove Nagel, Wayne Williams, Bill Banaszewski 5x7(3), 3x5(4)
Spring 1969 Faculty workshop: Dr. Meder, David Prull, John Haluch 5x7(3)
? Larry Russell (asst director of Data Processing, BOCES), Bruce Gilman 5x7
? Adjunct faculty workshop: includes Henry Maus, Dean John Cable, Robert Pennock, Chuck Miller 5x7, 8x10(4)
Jan. 1974 David Prull, Robert Ross, Joyce Barrett, consultant Joan Purtell 8x10
Sept. 1974 Faculty workshop "coffee break", Ed Morrell 8x10
3/77 Dr. Larry Carter, Marilyn Hurlbutt, Alice Fedder, Al Walker, Jack Bricker, Chris White, John Meuser, John Champaigne 5x7(2)

13/1 - Conferences
11/29/67 Family Life Symposium: Dean John Lavery, Rev. Richard Bowen, Rev. William Nolan, Rev. Fred Magley 3x3(12)
1970 Occupational Educational Conference: Dr. Satre, Robert Seckendorf, John E. Loveless, Lawrence Gray, John Skawski, Coleman Ryther, CCFL Board Chairman Michael Michaels 5x7(5)
1970 Guidance counselors 5x7(2)
April 1976 Conference at Sheraton: includes Bob Pennock 5x7(2)

13/1/4 - Workshops for the public
1970s? Life Planning workshop 5x7
August 1977 W.O.W. Workshop 5x7